Wearing a neck brace and farting in my diaper HD – MP4

This is a custom video, that I made. I have a neck injury and I’m wearing a neck brace. It’s very painful to move my neck. The video is in three scenes. In the first one I wear a short skirt, but I need to fart and turn around. I lift my skirt and you see that I’m wearing a diaper. I have some wet farts and then I made something in my diaper. In the second scene I’m laying on my couch and reading a book. I start to fart and I try to turn around and look at my diaper, but my neck hurts too much. Then I had an accident again and when I try to turn back I fall from the couch, which hurts my neck really bad. In the third scene I’m wearing a diaper and try to pose sexy, but it’s really hard with my neck brace. I start to fart again until I fill my diaper.

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